Esther Rolle with Charlie and Annie Ragg Dolls

Charlie and Annie Ragg® dolls

Charlie and Annie Ragg® dolls were conceived and designed by Ann Miller Woodford, Black artist and designer. In the 1980's, they were distributed by E & A Global Enterprises in Los Angeles, CA. The artist partnered with Esther Rolle who played "Florida Evans" on the TV series "Good Times"!! Thus the company name E (Esther) & A (Ann) Global Enterprises. They sold the dolls through the Essence and Ebony catalogs, many museums and retail stores and to the AAFES that distributed them around the world.

Charlie and Annie Ragg® are classic dolls with friendly silk screened faces so endearing that you'll be in love with them forever. These precious brown babies with yarn hair and removable, washable clothing are perfect for decorating the beds and sofas of adults who collect or just love Afrocentric items and older children who will love them for their bright and colorful presence*. They are new, original and in a box with a photo of the actress holding “her babies”, as she use to call them. They are approximately 24" TALL. The colors are bright and beautiful. Charlie wears the colors of the African American flag. They have the kind of quality craftsmanship older children and adults can truly appreciate.

*NOTE: These are DECORATIVE DOLLS. Please do not allow babies to play with them alone since they have buttons and bows that could be a choking hazard to very young children.

Esther Rolle and Ann Woodford